The Electrical Industries Charity has designed a new fundraising platform providing an easy and fun way to fundraise, ‘One brick at a time’.

sidebar bricksRaise the Roof, is a great new concept which provides all our individual fundraisers with a unique opportunity to raise funds with an engraved brick to inspire supporters as an alternative way to attract donations to our worthy cause.

Not only is selling personalised bricks incredibly fun, it’s a permanent way to thank sponsors for their donations and a proven way to generate vital funds. Whether you want to commemorate an individual or personalise your bricks with the names of your donors and sponsors, there’s no other fundraising method that provides such an emotional connection between our projects and our donors.

Our Challenge for a Cause, the Caz Dickinson fundraising appeal requires a house to be built to cater for Caz’s unique long-term needs and a home for the family too. You can help us raise the roof for Caz and her family with a personalized brick that allows our donors to literally put their names on this very special project. This means that our engraved bricks will serve as long lasting tributes to you, your sponsors and donors and your engraving will stay intact as long as the brick does.

Best of all, engraved bricks create a way to show current and potential donors visible and measureable fundraising success.

The power of brick fundraising campaigns?

Our raise the roof campaign helps support the emotional attachment our donors have to our cause and the personalised brick engraving acts as a tangible reward, encouraging many more supporters to give to our fundraising challenge.

Engraving your name into stone isn’t a modern concept. Throughout history, humans have felt the need and desire to leave some form of legacy by carving names and images into rock. When our donors buy a brick they’re making a proud community statement and publicly declaring that they’ve donated to our cause giving an overwhelming positive feeling for everyone involved.

So why not get involved and help raise the roof on our good cause’s just one brick at a time.

Big Build Project

Many companies are also getting involved with the Big Build Project itself and offering a wide range of their products and services which will help with all the necessary house renovations to help Caz with her future independence.

Products and services that have been donated include lighting for all parts of the house from Collingwood Lighting and Zumtobel Group. A specialist bathroom suite donated by Selco and all of the bathroom sanitary ware will be supplied by Wolseley.

Big Build Logos 1

Heat Mat will supply all of the underfloor heating, with Heatrae Sadia and Baxi providing all of the heating and water heating. Rexel have kindly donated products required for the electrical wiring with Hager supplying the wiring accessories, DJR Smith the fitting and Schneider Electric the consumer units.

Big Build 2

Alarms have also been taken care of with smoke, heat and CO alarms donated by Kidde and a full security technology enabled care system which has been donated by Aico.

Big Build 3

Other products include a fitted kitchen donated by Grafton Group Plc/Electricbase; a Netatmo Smart Home system donated by City Electrical Factors (CEF) and a specialist vertical lifting carers bed which has been donated by Eland Cables. Design and installation of all of the electrical and mechanical services has also been factored in with labour to the tune of £10,000 donated by Synecore to install all of the products which have been gifted.

Buig Build 4

If you have not had a chance to be part of this special Big Build Project and would like to take part, you still can by getting involved and signing up to our Practical Participation Programme or by making a donation to the Raise the Roof campaign.

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