Mental health map

These one-hour sessions are a virtual introductory course to raise awareness of mental health.

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Virtual Mental Health Awareness Training:

  • Highlights and explains some of the common mental illnesses and disorders
  • Interactive discussion about COVID-19 and how to engage in self-care
  • Which steps to take (remotely) if you spot the signs of somebody with mental ill health
  • How to approach the conversation with an employee suffering from mental ill health


Anxiety and Depression Focused Virtual Training Session:

  • Learn to better engage with the subjects of anxiety and depression as experienced during COVID-19
  • We break down the diagnosis commonalities, differences and develop interactive discussion on anxiety, depression and COVID-19
  • Case study and support solution discussions
  • We delve into support strategies for self and others in need

Stress Focused Virtual
Training Session:

  • Approach the subject of Stress - what it is, how we experience it and what it means during COVID-19
  • We discuss stress-management coping strategies
  • How to protect yourself from both physical and psychological stress-related issues
  • We discuss the help options that are available


Relationship Breakdown and Repair-Focused Training Session:

  • What is relationship breakdown and how do we repair it?
  • How are our relationships being tested during COVID-19?
  • We discuss the relationships we have with ourselves and how to improve on them
  • We look at support strategies we can use to help ourselves and others in need

Course 4 - SOS (Save our Sanity!)
Parenting 101 with the EIC:

  • How to support your family, or a colleague/employee's family, through difficult times
  • We tackle some of the general challenges you may encounter with your child at different developmental stages (eg. infants/children/teenagers)
  • We help you to recognise and understand how your child/teenager may be dealing with isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic and ways to support them
  • We highlight some of the difficulties facing children if parents go through a relationship breakdown and how best to support them

What to expect:

  • Download Microsoft Teams and/or Zoom and join an online session with our trainer.
  • Download Kahoot! for our team quiz – winner gets a prize.
  • Access to PowerPoints, video and interactive communication types.
  • Safe and open interaction with trainer and attendees
  • Maximum of 6 participants


  • Cost of £25 per person for an hour session.