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Every hour someone within our sector does something incredible to help their industry colleagues to overcome the toughest times of their lives… and now you too can do something amazing and help to transform the lives of thousands of people within the electrical industry by donating as little as £1 per month to Electrical Industries Charity’s (EIC) powerLottery.

powerLottery is EIC’s number one fundraising stream which helps the EIC to support hundreds of apprentices, pensioners, employees and their families in their time of need. Thanks to supporters like you in the last year alone EIC was able to offer financial assistance grants to 1,047 people and give support, direction and guidance to 7,460 people.

The money raised through powerLottery helps EIC not only support thousands of people within the sector at the most challenging times in their lives but also to offer independence and provide life-changing solutions to people like Kelly Mitchell and Matthew Rimmer.

A gift of hope for Kelly

In 2014, Kelly’s life changed in the blink of an eye when at the age of 36 she was diagnosed with Cervical Dystonia. A cruel, painful and life-changing illness, Cervical Dystonia causes the head and neck muscles to contract involuntarily which results in muscle spasms and abnormal posture of the head and neck.

When she was first diagnosed, Kelly was told that the only treatment to ease the symptoms of Cervical Dystonia was Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) which was not available to her due to the high risk it would pose to her health. This is when Kelly felt that her world was falling apart, and the constant pain meant that she struggled to get through every day.

After months of constant battle and endless research to find a way to get back to some sort of normality, Kelly was referred to a specialist who confirmed that her jaw discs were displaced on both sides which were obstructing the nerves and triggering the painful muscle spasms. An oral orthotic, which would gradually move her cranial bones, teeth and jaw into place was the recommended treatment – but it came at a cost which she couldn’t afford. Kelly’s employer put her in contact with EIC who provided £10,000 towards the funding of the revolutionary treatment.

Kelly is now on the road to recovery. It is thanks to powerLottery, which is funded by people in our industry, that she has been given hope for the future.

Matthew’s road to recovery

Matthew Rimmer is another example of the help which EIC is able to provide as a result of people donating just £1 per month to powerLottery. In 2015, at the age of 48 Matthew Rimmer suffered from a brain haemorrhage which left him paralysed from the neck down and as a result, he is no longer able to walk, talk or lead the active life that he was used to. Since that devastating moment, Matthew’s life completely changed and the subsequent brain surgery which left half of his skull missing has resulted in him suffering from a morbid personality disorder.

Matthew changed from an outgoing, happy person to one who no longer even wanted to get up or attend his therapy which would help with his recovery. To add to his challenges, Matthew has also been diagnosed with heart problems and is now waiting for open-heart surgery. Matthew’s family got in contact with EIC for assistance in purchasing an all-terrain wheelchair which would allow him to move freely not only indoors but outdoors too and would give Matthew some feeling of normality and motivation which is crucial for his wellbeing and recovery.

EIC funded an all-terrain wheelchair for Matthew, and he is now able to walk the dogs and enjoy a more social and independent life with his family and friends. More importantly, the new wheelchair has given Matthew the independence and motivation he needed to continue on his road to recovery.

The power of £1

Thanks to supporters like you who donated £1 per month to powerLottery, EIC was able to help Kelly and Matthew to retain their independence and continue embarking on their long road to recovery.

Every year EIC changes the lives of people like Matthew and Kelly by allowing them to live happier, more fulfilling lives – and that’s all for just £1. You too can help to transform the lives of hundreds of people like Matthew and Kelly by signing up to play powerLottery today.

Simply download EIC powerLottery App from Google Play or the App store and tap to play for a chance to win some big cash prizes while changing someone’s life forever. Each lottery ticket costs as little as £1 per month and 95% of your donation goes straight back to the industry. Every time you enter to play powerLottery you are also in with a chance of winning up to 15 cash prizes of up to £1,000 each month.

Anyone’s life can change forever in a blink of a moment which can have a devastating impact on both an individual and their loved ones. A little help from the industry can go an extraordinarily long way and make all the difference to those who are faced with unforeseen circumstances in their lives.

Without the funds raised by powerLottery, EIC wouldn’t be able to help people like Kelly Mitchell and Matthew Rimmer or give them access to life-changing support. So why not do something amazing for hundreds of other people within the electrical sector by signing up to powerLottery today and give your industry colleagues and their families the independence they need to live more fulfilling lives.

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