In our sector, there are thousands of people that are faced with unexpected life changing moments which can often lead to the deterioration of their mental health. But together as an industry, we can prevent these mental health problems from spiralling out of control by joining the Electrical Industries Charity’s (EIC) Employee and Family Support Programme or donating just £1 to powerLottery.

The Employee and Family Support Programme is part of the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) which not only assists employees and their families who are struggling but also helps them to retain the independence that is needed to continue leading as normal a life as possible.

Recently, as part of their Employee and Family Support Programme (EFSP) which is solely funded by powerLottery, EIC helped 48-year-old Matthew Rimmer who was faced with a bleak future after suffering from a brain haemorrhage in 2015, which left him unable to walk, talk or continue leading the active life he was used to.

Since that life-changing moment, Matthew has suffered from a morbid personality disorder and changed from a happy and outgoing person to someone who no longer wanted to get out of bed or continue attending his therapy which would help with his long journey towards recovery. Matthew’s family become significantly concerned about his wellbeing and the future ahead and therefore contacted EIC for assistance to help purchase an all terrain wheelchair which would give Matthew an opportunity to lead a more independent life. Through EFSP and the incredible support from people like you who donate £1 to powerLottery every month, EIC was able to help Matthew to retain his independence and motivation to continue with his very long road towards recovery.

Thanks to his all terrain wheelchair, Mathew is now able to walk the dogs and enjoy a more social and independent life with his loved ones.

A little help from the industry can make a huge difference to those who are faced with an uncertain future and are in danger of suffering from mental health problems. So why not show your support by joining the Employee and Family Support Programme or signing up to powerLottery and help people like Matthew to have a better quality of life while being in with a chance to winning cash prizes of up to £1,000.

We can give a hand-up to everyone in our industry.

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