Fourteen year old Cameron (Cam) has progressive muscle wasting Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  Cam was in need of a special Dragon Powerchair at a cost of £24,000 which was far beyond the means of the family. This chair would give Cam the best chance of living life to the full, whatever DMD brings. 

Cam lives in Gravesend with his mum and dad in a bungalow which they have adapted to meet Cam’s needs. In spite of his DMD, Cam always has a big sunny smile and an upbeat personality. So much so that he has won an award in the “Brave and Inspiring” category at the Ward & Partner’s Children’s Awards.

His mum, Lisa, had set up a Facebook page and started the long process of fundraising for Cam’s new chair.  Cam, who loves drawing, also wanted to help and decided to sell his sketches of dinosaurs to raise money for his chair.

His dad, Rob, has been an electrician since leaving school and was told about the Electrical Industries Charity by DragonMobility.  Lisa contacted us and our caseworker set to work contacting other charities for assistance. With the help of the Retail Trust, ABTA Lifeline, Florence Nightingale Aid in Sickness Trust, R L Glasspool, the Bruce Wake Charity, the Joseph Patrick Trust and Children’s Variety our fundraising was so successful that not only did we raise sufficient funds for the Dragon Powerchair, we were also able to provide Cam with a much needed specialised bed which would allow for easier turning and more independence for Cam.

Click here to see a short film about Cameron and his family, and how the Electrical Industries Charity was able to step in and help.

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