Providing financial assistance when people need it most is just one small part of what the Electrical Industries Charity offers, but for many people this can make a huge difference to their lives.

This was very apparent in the case of Brendan Moseley, a young man who desperately wanted to go to university so that he could study to become an engineer.

Growing up Brendan was faced with a number of challenges which saw him caring for his sister from a very early age and as a result he finished school without any formal qualifications. For several years he struggled to find a job until he began an apprenticeship with a local electrician and subsequently enrolled on a day release course at a local Further Education college.

For Brendan this was the start of a new career and his work fuelled his desire to achieve greater things with his life. Sadly, after three years, cutbacks within the company left him once again without a job.

Determined not to let this hold him back, Brendan enrolled on a full time college course which he completed with Distinctions and the natural progression for this determined young man was to go to university to study for a BSc in Engineering. Unfortunately, ever increasing university tuition fees and the financial burden of living costs proved to be a major barrier and Brendan began to think that university was out of reach - until the Electrical Industries Charity stepped in to help.

The Charity recognised how important university was for Brendan in order to develop his skills and harness his talent and as a result, he was awarded a grant of £500 each term to help pay for his books and any other study equipment he may need.

Now in his final year, Brendan has worked extremely hard to achieve his goals, both through his studies and during his placement year with Arup where his work and determination were heavily praised.

The grant which the Charity provided has allowed Brendan to fulfil his ambitions of becoming an Engineer and create a brighter future for a young man who can now pursue his dreams without a heavy financial burden.