Mrs June Lever* is a 91-year-old pensioner who has been paying £4 every month for 26 years into the powerLottery. After her husband passed away, June continued to pay into the lottery, hoping to get lucky with one of her four lottery numbers.

powerLottery Feature Big Win

In the beginning of July, June found that she did indeed get lucky and won the incredible first ever half-yearly £10,000 prize. When we caught up with June to ask about what her plans were for her windfall and why she played the powerLottery, she revealed how the prize money will change her life. June spoke of how she had left her prize cheque sitting on the mantlepiece for over two weeks thinking it was a piece of junk mail rather than £10,000.

She recounts how after going food shopping she caught sight of the envelope and only then did she think to open it. Luckily, she did. Inside was a cheque made out to her from the Electrical Industries Charity for a whopping ten thousand pounds. Since recovering from the shock of her win, June has given a lot of thought to how she is going to spend her winnings.

It’s no surprise that as a grandmother and great-grandmother, some of her powerLottery win will be going to her grandchildren. The rest of her winnings? Well, June has got house re-decoration in mind. She has already had a builder come to her home to quote for the work and over the coming autumn months June’s house will be re-papered, carpeted and freshened up to make it sure it is fit for a powerLottery winner.

After playing the powerLottery for 26 years, Mrs Lever is most definitely a worthy winner of our bi-yearly prize. It seems fitting that after her £4 a month has helped many families and retirees of the electrical industries to afford clothing, house renovation and birthday presents, she too renovates her house and treats her grandchildren.

After chatting away with the fundraising team, Mrs Lever’s final words for why people should play the powerLottery were ‘Give it a go, it’s going to a good cause and you never know, you might win’. If you would like to try your luck and maybe win £10,000 just like June, sign up for our powerLottery here:

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